It's me, Margot. What's your story?


   My own story starts in Indiana, where I was born and raised and which I eventually left to begin college in Michigan. After graduating, I moved as far east as possible, to Maine. It was there I learned to cook from a wizard lookalike in a soup kitchen, learned to make bagels, to dream big dreams and to spend a lot of time in the woods. Still in Maine, I spent three years as a gardener while completing an MFA. Then I moved, and moved again. Now I'm back in Michigan, ready to set down some roots. I love people! Meeting, serving, loving, learning about and fostering community with people. I want stories as the fiber of my life. I want to hear them, share them, tell them all in beautiful words.

And you? What's your story? Have you told it? Do you want to? Can I help? 


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