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J.K. Rowling, Flannery O'Connor, James Patterson, Stephen King, Judy Blume, Carolyn Keene, C.S. Lewis, Billy Collins, Leo Tolstoy, Charles Dickens. These people wrote stuff. GOOD stuff. Words worth reading!

52-18 is more than a journal of books read and sentences shared, it's a testament to the pursuit of knowledge: literature, whether poetry, pop-fiction, fantasy, memoir, you name it, it's worth our time to explore the world of books. 52-18 is my 2017 book journal. A testament to my efforts to read more than I ever have, just because I can. Because why not?

52 books in 2017. It's gonna be tough. By the end of the year I hope to choose 18 "top" books: books I want to reread someday. 2017 will be a journey. I'm excited for the ride. 


“That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” 
― Jhumpa Lahiri

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