Here's a small sampling of my writing.



My first article for Off the Page, "Home is Not a Place," was published on June 19, 2015. Writing about my misplaced identity as a Hoosier living in Downeast Maine, I established my position as a writer obsessed with understanding community, discovering the nature of home, and living life for a greater purpose than myself.


The Moment

In 2009 I spent three months living in York, England, taking classes at YSJ University in Shakespearean literature, Media Studies, and British History. I began to take notes, publishing them in "The Moment." I wrote about British culturefinding joy in the moment, and serving God in a world I didn't think I'd ever quite "get."



Click here to read the opening excerpt of an essay published by Aethlon: The Journal of Sport LiteratureWritten in 2011 and published the following year, the essay tells a story of an identity shaped by basketball, adolescence, and deafness. "Body Talk" is a nonfiction essay about my father, myself, and my father's brother.